Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Last Friday I discovered a minor setback.


I emailed SJSU to find out where my diploma is and discovered that I have not yet (officially) graduated! Back in September 2013, when I applied for graduation, someone entered my email incorrectly into the system. Since then all my school-related emails have been going to an email that doesn't exist.

Apparently I had a hold put on my graduation because of 4 classes missing.

One class just needed a substitution. One class was a retroactive add- which never went through because of the email mix-up. And then there were 2 GE classes I never took. WTF! Why didn't my adviser catch this when I went to apply for graduation??!? I mean, I totally should have caught it too, but wow...

So after clearing up the email problem with my evaluator (after she yelled at my for doing my email wrong and I proved to her I did it right and it was, in fact, a mistake on their end) I ran all around school with Kris taking papers here and there to be signed. I extended my graduation date (paid $10 for that), got my retroactive add pushed through (have to pay $200 for that this week) and I got my class substitution submitted.

Now all I have to do are the 2 GE classes. I plan on doing one during the winter semester and one during the spring semester, bringing my actual graduation date to May 2015.

This. Sucks.

After a good, hard cry about it on Friday I've basically gotten over it. It somehow feels inevitable that SJSU would find a way to screw me yet another way and pull me back into its horrible void. But that's life.

So how does this affect my *possible* job with Interac? Basically I need to ask to push back my departure from the Spring (May) to the Fall (August). You need a diploma to get a visa, so until I secure mine we're staying in the country. I still plan on going through my interview, then I'll talk to my recruiter about the diploma. For now, I'm just trying to keep going. Trying to focus on Kris and his semester. No biggie.