Thursday, December 18, 2014

Offer of employment

So much and, at the same time, so little has happened since my interview. Immediately following the interview there was silence. I relaxed and forgot about the job, or at least I tried. Eventually Interac contacted me about ID photos they still needed from me. After they had those, though, I knew they’d be sending my information on to Tokyo, and then Tokyo would decide whether or not I got the job. I was prepared to wait weeks- it took days. I got an offer of employment email within a week of sending my ID photos to the Interac office in Utah.

I was ecstatic about being offered the job! I quickly replied to the email, letting them know I would accept the position, and then really began to read through the next set of information. I had to sign an Offer of Employment paper and fill out an Application for Eligibility so that Interac could begin to get my Certificate for Eligibility- which would later be used to obtain my Visa. I get these two things done within another couple of days and sent them off to the Tokyo office of Global Resource Management, who I will now be interacting with.

So the job is mine! Yet… its not. Not quite, not yet. You see, Kris and I have not officially decided to go to Japan yet. As of right now it is only one of two possible futures for us. The other possibility is that we stay in the US and I follow Kris to whatever film college he desires. Japan was always a back up- in case Kris did not want to continue to a CSU or in case he didn’t get in to the ones he wanted, I figured we could have a different adventure in Japan. So now that I have secured the job, Japan is our second option.

As of right now, Kris is planning on getting his film AA from De Anza. He will finish this in June. We would leave for Japan in July. Or we would move to wherever his chosen CSU is in July.

Our future is in Kris’ hands.

I know this is a stressful choice for him to make- and I really do not want to force him into going to Japan just because I think it would be fun. It would mean him giving up pursuing his Film degree for at lease a year. I’m trying to remain neutral and patient. Within a matter of months it will be time to decide though- Japan, or... where?

So since we have not yet decided to go to Japan, I cannot truly experience the joy or excitement of landing this job. I’m basically trying not to think about it. Its hard.