Monday, August 24, 2015

Training: day 4

So yesterday was day 4 and the final day of training. It was actually more fun than the last 3 days. I think as a group we are finally feeling more comfortable with the games and lessons and its not quite so scary.

Today, however, is scary again. Each teacher has to prepare and perform a demo lesson to be evaluated by our peers and our instructors. I will be presenting around noon so I have a couple hours this morning to prepare.

It turns out theres 3 other people from this week's training going to Hachioji with us. So far we haven't gotten any information on just how or when we'll be getting there, so we're hoping to figure that out today. Kris and I will have a two bedroom apartment, which is awesome. I think we're supposed to move in tomorrow.


Alright, I did my demo lesson! Annnd...... it went great! It had to be exactly 20 minutes long and it had 7 small parts to cover from warm up to practice lesson, yadda yadda. About ten minutes into mine I realized I was going to be done 5 minutes early so, while the "kids" (fellow teachers) were working on a worksheet I came up with a game to play. Totally worked, I ended right on time.

We also found out when/how we're getting to our apartment. Tomorrow we'll leave at 9AM on a train and travel for about an hour to our new home. We'll be shipping our luggage- I hope its not too expensive. Tomorrow when we get into town we'll meet up with the person that will take us around to get phones, open a bank account, all that stuff. Then we'll get our rental furniture (stove, fridge, etc) and get our gas turned on. Probably wont have internet yet, but someone said they'd try to get it for us soon.

Weather here was really nice today, not humid like it has been. A typhoon has been blowin its way in and I think its supposed to land tomorrow. Lots of rain for move-in time, which sucks. But, on the plus side, I've become good friends with the people that will be living in Hachioji and they're all frickin awesome.

Double points.


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