Thursday, August 20, 2015


We have been in Japan for a little over 24 hours now.

Our flights were ok... the first one from SFO to LAX was nice. It even had wifi. But the second one from LAX to NRT was pretty sucky. The seats were tiny- if the person in front of me reclined the seat hit my knees! Kris and I were sitting on either side of an aisle. Kris sat next to some guy that jerked his knees and elbows while he slept. Then Kris spilled soda on his lap and we couldn't get someone to bring some frickin' napkins for like 20 minutes. AND Kris' headphone jack didnt work so he literally had to hold it in place for the 11 hour flight.

Kris had it bad.

When we landed in Japan it was 3:30pm local time. We had a ton of crap to lug around. We were tired, but excited! We got our bags (only a couple cracked lids, nothing missing) and went through immigration and customs. At the immigration desks we got our resident cards that we need to keep on us at all times- they're pretty cool and shiny. Then we exchanged our dollars for yen (with a great exchange rate) and bought our shuttle tickets.

I wanted to stay awake on the 1 hour shuttle ride to see the country pass by but we both passed out. We did stay awake in Tokyo and got our first glimpse at the city. Our walk from the shuttle drop off to the hotel we're staying at SUCKED. We had a TON of crap and Kris has to push it all on the collapsible hand truck that we brought, which might be breaking now...

But now we're here!

The hotel room is pretty dang small, but honestly we don't mind. Its basically a rectangle 10 feet across and 20 feet deep and in that space is a single bed (we both fit fine, one pillow though), a bathroom (pics to follow) a small closet/genkan area and a desk/TV/mini fridge area. Most of the free space is taken up by our luggage.

The weather here is hot and humid. At night its pretty bearable, and there's AC everywhere. During the day you just sweat from any amount of walking. Plus so far its been drizzling off and on, but that has been pretty nice.

Man, we're in Japan.


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