Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Silver Week: Lazy Days

Tomorrow is the last day of silver week and so far we've had a great time.

We spent some time the last two days cleaning up the apartment and organizing our stuff. We still don't have nearly enough furniture to hold our junk. We need nightstands, drawers for our closet, a bookshelf, a floor couch and a kotatsu. At some point I want to get curtains and a comforter. But all that will wait until November probably, after I get my first paycheck and we square off all our other needs. We're starting to get bills now, they're not very big. Our internet installation will probably be the biggest one but we'll see.

I think maybe tomorrow we'll film a little apartment tour. It seems premature because things are still kind of messy with no place to go, but we've been here nearly a month so its time you all get a little peak!

Kris has started combing through the videos we've filmed since coming to Japan. There's a lot of nothing to weed out, and the audio is all messed up, so it'll be a while until you see it.

Mostly though we've been relaxing and catching up on sleep. It feels like we've been moving a mile a minute since August started and we've only now had a chance to really calm down and catch up to ourselves. Normally on days off we push ourselves to get something done or go on an adventure, but we're getting a little burnt out. It's been nice to just let ourselves rest. Plus, we're saving money which is in short supply right now.

Alright, so hopefully tomorrow there will be something interesting for us to show you. For now, though, we've updated the blog a little. Hope you like it! And if you have any good books I should read, let me know. I finished the Harry Potter books already, and its always such a bummer when I finally finish re-reading a series.

OH! Almost forgot- kitchen update. So far we have still seen some cockroaches and the smell under the sink is possibly worse than before. I have no idea what to do. I've emailed someone at work who has been helping me deal with it so we'll see what they can do. As of now we cook in the kitchen, do our dishes and let them sit on the counter to dry, and then try to store them on this totally broken wire shelf above the sink, but we do not use any cabinets or drawers at all. I spent an hour cleaning the cabinets the other day thinking it would help- it didn't. Plus it looked like they hadnt been cleaned in... ever. I just want to get them frickin replaced and, if I don't hear any better ideas, I'm going to keep bugging people until this happens. Getting really fed up. And grossed out.


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