Sunday, November 22, 2015

Feeling Sick

I havent made any posts lately mostly because there hasnt been much to post. Last week was very normal- work, then home and dinner, then hangout til bed time, then work again. This week was much the same, but I had a couple work-from-home days, which was really nice. Especially because I havent been feeling great lately. Allergies are finally acting up and I'm feeling sick-ish.

Aside from relaxing and drinking lots of miso soup I've been working on some pet portraits and a new website. Man, making a new website is frickin time consuming! With help I have been able to tweak it just the way I wanted, but its taken multiple layout designs and a couple days to get everything just right. All thats left now is to switch my domain name! Pretty excited and a little proud of myself. Now I really have to get my pet portraits done! I just hate doing anything more that laying down and watching Psych or Gilmore Girls right now. As we speak my eyes are watery and I cant breathe through my nose.

Luckily this is the worst I've felt since we've moved here and I've been able to rest a lot. Actually, looking at my next couple of months, I dont have one full month of work without some amount of days off. Looking forward to that.

Well, sorry for such a boring post. Soon I'll have a pretty new website to show you and you'll see what I've been working on. Soon.. soon...



  1. how can a post be boring when you mention Psych?!?! We love that show

    1. You know every time I mention Psych I get this reaction from someone. Its an amazing show!!


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