Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Christmas Wish List

Since we are so far away for the holidays this year we thought it would be really inconvenient for people to send us gifts for Christmas. And luckily, there are not many material things we want or need. Right now we are mostly concerned with enjoying the things we can here in Japan, which is mainly traveling!

So far we've gotten to see some nice parts of Tokyo, which has been great. But we havent been able to leave our prefecture yet, and theres really so much more to see! So this year we set up a website where you can contribute to our travel funds. We have one set up for Disney Annual Passes and one for general traveling. It's like buying us a gift card that we can use instantly across the globe!

I made a link to the Christmas Gift List on the right side of this website under Merry Christmas and theres a button below.


Disney Annual Passes (extra info)
The annual passports are about $700 per passport and they allow us to access both Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea in the same day. This price is equivalent to 7 2-day passes, which only allow you entry into one park per day, or 4 4-day passes, which only allow you into one park on the first two days then both parks for the second two days. With annual passes we can visit Disneyland any day off, afternoon, or holiday and enter both parks without problem. We currently live 2 hours (by train) away from the parks so we plan on visiting often. I know lots of people living in this area have annual passes and often make a day trip out to the parks for some shopping or a fun day out.

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