Sunday, May 1, 2016

Second Japanese Class

Last Wednesday we went to our second Japanese class! So that means I have new notes for you to study. We started out reviewing the things we learned last class, which just meant asking each other the questions about our name, country, and where we live. Click HERE to go back to that first class we had. After that short review we moved on to numbers! This time we talked about time and price. Once again, my notes from class can be found HERE.

Since the last class Kris and I were able to find the textbook- and apparently we bought the last one because no one else in class has found one, even at the bookstore we got ours at.... oops. So the book has almost no English in it. It's designed so that people from any country can use it to learn Japanese- but you need to know hiragana and the basics of Japanese grammar and vocabulary first. It seems that its made so you are introduced to the language in class and you can figure out any questions there, then go home with the book as your class notes then practice what you've learned and see it written in Japanese, including kanji. I'll be miking some notes about what you see in the textbook, with pictures from the book, so check my notes list for that soon.

If you're learning along with us then definitely get that katakana and hiragana down so you can move on to vocabulary and making sentences. Vocabulary is great to practice right now! Once again, Memrise is your friend. On Memrise there are tons of flashcards for vocabulary but you'll figure out that some are better than others. I usually try some out and if I don't like it I move on to another one. Two I kind of stuck with was the Core 1000 and 125 Most Useful Words. I haven't finished either though, not even close. Core 1000 basically means that if you learn these 1000 words you theoretically know just about all the words you'll need for a huge majority of normal conversation. I should really get back to studying those....

Anyways, go check out my notes, practice your kana, and then start on some vocabulary. And look forward to the next post about diving into learning Japanese- cuz right now you're just getting prepped for the deep end. And once again, heres my self intro based on what we've learned in class:

はじめ まして。ケンドラ   です。わたし  の  くに  は  アメリカ  です。すまい  は  みなみおさわ  です。かぞく  は  よにん  です。わたし  は  えいご  の  きょし  です。いま  は  ごご  にじ  です。わたし  の  べんと  は  さんびゃくごじゅう  えん  です。


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