Thursday, August 31, 2017

Life is so fickle.

We took some time hopping around a bit again, house-sitting here and spending the night there. More thinking about the future, more feeling like crap about how things are right now. Lots of applying for jobs, lots of rejection. Life is kicking my ass a bit right now.

Anyways, we're finally back at grandmas, where it seems like the termite situation is better- potentially fixed? I guess we'll see if they come back... So yes, we're still in the East Bay- for now. But we do have an idea of where we want to end up....

Get it? "We're Back"

So I guess the plan right now is to save up enough money to get where we wanna go. Since we currently do have a jobs thats going pretty slow but, like I said, I've been applying to jobs like crazy. For right now thats all thats going on in our lives... its a bit slow and sucky but... yeah, it is what it is.

Sometimes it sucks to look back at where you used to be and think about how much better it was then... You tend to think your life will only go forward, not backward. But I tell myself our current situation is temporary, not permanent. Its hard not to feel trapped sometimes though.

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