Saturday, August 22, 2015

Training: day 3

Just a quick update, kinda tired, its already 10:30pm and I've been waking up before 6 am.

Today we did more teacher training and learned some basic school etiquette and Japanese vocab. It was just a long day. The sun was out today which made things extra hot. Since things don't cool down much in this humidity it meant the night was also very hot still. Nothing exciting to report today- didn't make the trip to Akihabara so that will wait for another time.

One interesting note: you don't hear birds chirping here, but there is the constant hum of cicada. And theres many kinds of cicada, each with their own buzz, like bird calls. So all together you get a really interesting rhythmic sound. Sometimes when you walk by a large tree you hear the buzzing really loud. So far I've only seen a couple cicadas on the ground (dead) but they seem kinda pretty and not as scary as a big that size might be. Haven't seen one fly in my direction yet though, that might change my opinion.


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