Monday, October 26, 2015

A weekend at home part 2

Saturday night was kind of crazy- it was sooo windy! I'd wake up in the middle of the night and hear the sliding glass doors rattling. I had dreams about tornados. Anyways, I woke up around 6:00AM and decided that was way too early, so I slept until 8:00 instead. I considered getting up but after I got out of bed I realized it was wayyyy to cold to do anything yet. More Gilmore Girls happened until 10:00AM when we rolled out of bed. I got some laundry started and cleaned up the apartment, which only takes like 20 minutes of sweeping and putting stuff away. I finally hung up this laundry pole we bought for the balcony. It was the biggest size we saw at the local store but its still way too small for our balcony, so I had to tie it up with some twine.

Then we finally headed to the grocery store. We went a little bit crazy and ended up getting a ton of stuff- conditioner, veggies, meat, snacks, treats- enough food for 4 days, with shabu shabu and ramen or yakisoba for dinner.

After we hung up the laundry started our Star Wars marathon and ate lunch. For lunch we decided to try some bentos from the grocery store. They always look pretty good but this is the first time we tried them. I got one with rice, hamburg (basically meatloaf) and gravy, potato wedges, spaghetti and some veggies. Kris got katsudon, which is pork katsu with egg over rice. He says his wasnt as good as the katsudon we make at home, but my meal was awesome- tasted like I went to a buffet back in the US. Loved it. Oh, and Kris tried this weird soda. He didn't really like it, which is amazing because, to me, it tasted exactly like Red Bull.

Thats our new couch, it folds out to a single bed. Eventually we'll get a cover for it. On the couch is a bag of mixed senbei (rice crackers). We watched Star Wars and snacked on senbei, chocolate and popcorn all afternoon. At some point we took a nap. Then for dinner we had shabu shabu again. Its so delicious and so easy! I got another load of laundry done and I went to bed early. It was a really nice, relaxing weekend. 


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