Friday, October 30, 2015

Our local yakiniku

Today was payday! Finally! We have a modest amount of money to survive on for the next month and boy do we have big plans for that money!

Anyways, we've been looking forward to payday for one small reason in particular- yakiniku! So near our neighborhood theres a main road that leads to the train station in one direction and convenience stores in the other direction. Family Mart is our closest konbini (convenience store) and its great for grabbing something you need real quick, but for better quality and selection we go down the street about a 15 minute walk to 7 Eleven. Right next to the 7/11 is a small yakiniku place. We always walk past it and stare wistfully. Its not expensive but we've been extra lean with money to really save.

So today we finally went back to our little yakiniku restaurant. I know my parents will laugh at this but we eat dinner wayyy early now. Since I wake up at 6AM and go to bed at 10PM we often eat dinner soon after I get home so... like 5 or 6 PM. Yeah.. So when we went to dinner tinight it was around 5:30 and the yakinuki diner was empty. It was nice having the place to ourselves. Also, in Japan its normal to call for the waiter whenever you need something so when they're not needed they usually hang out in the kitchen- at least here they do- so we had the whole dining room to ourselves.

When we get there we look over one giant menu- its seriously like 2 feet tall. Then we press a little button that sends off a chime and the waiter comes out to take our order. Today we got a plate of beef, pork, chicken and vegetables. It costs about $26 and its sooo delicious. We both look forward to spending lots of evenings cozy and warm in this restaurant.

Afterwards we went next door to 7/11 and grabbed some ice creams to take home. Pretty good Friday night. Can't wait for Halloween tomorrow!


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