Saturday, March 4, 2017

Coming Home

We've been living in Japan for almost 18 months. And now its time to go home.

Since I last updated this blog not much has changed- except that we eventually stopped going to Japanese classes. We've reached a point in our Japanese level where we can get through normal everyday interactions fine, but if we wanted to get through special situations- like doctors visits and stuff- we'd need to learn a TON more. We're a bit too busy to realistically reach that level of communication so yeah... we're comfortable where we're at haha.

all the time
Kris has been filming more of our adventures here but instead of making small 2 minute videos he'll edit them together later in one big video- so we've all got that to look forward to. Aside from that he's been editing movies and writing new scripts to film when we return.

I've been arting for fun- watercolor, vector art, I'm sure you've seen it by now. I am DYING to paint in acrylics or even oils, so I'm super looking forward to that.

Everyday life here has been just like everyday life back home. Except colder. MUCH colder. We currently have the heater off to save on bills so I have on multiple layers of clothes plus two blankets. Oh WAIT-- the heater actually is currently on. Dear god this is crazy. And the bathroom isnt heated at all- so imagine spending any amount of time in there. Not fun. At least we have on those fuzzy toilet seat pads so you don't get a heart attack when you sit down.

just sat down- dead
In anticipation of our departure we've been figuring out all that we need to do:
  • Cancel our cell phone plans and close our bank account (in person)
  • Inform the government we are leaving and end our health insurance (at City Hall)
  • Cancel our internet service (on the phone? not sure)
  • Cancel utilities and pay the final bills (in person at our home on our last day)
  • Get rid of all the furniture, food and possessions we aren't taking with us (???!!!)
  • Ship home anything we don't need for now (already got 2 huge boxes of clothes ready to go)
  • Buy (used) suitcases (x3-4)
So far the only thing I'm kinda freaking out about is getting rid of all the furniture and stuff here. Some of it was rented for us by Interac- like our fridge and one desk. The rest of it needs to get taken away- hopefully by someone who has just moved to the area or something. We'll be posting it online for either really cheap or, in an act of desperation, for free as long as you pick it ALL up from our place. Ugh.

yeahhh not for us
Honestly this is a LOT less work than we had to do to get here and get everything set up. But then again, he still don't have a home or jobs lined up for when we get home... But at least we'll be able to do everything in English, so really can't be that hard.

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