Monday, July 10, 2017

Home... kind of

We've been home for about 3.5 months now and it has been nuts. Kind of a rollercoaster actually.

When we moved we had all these plans- for an apartment, for a job, a plan for school and art, etc. Its amazing how literally not one of those plans worked out.

First for the job- I had secured a job interview for a position I am well qualified for at the vet hospital I used to work at before we went to Japan. When I finally went to the interview it turns out the position had already been filled.... but they wanted to create a new position just for me since I'm so uniquely qualified for it! That sounded awesome! It wasn't going to pay as much but we could still make it work somehow. So a month goes by and the manager I've been communicating with about this position keeps dragging his feet. Finally he calls to tell me that, for now, this new position has been terminated because they aren't making enough money to support it right now. I was devastated. All my plans fell apart immediately. Our only chance of affording an apartment in the Bay Area (without Kris having to get a full time job too) was for me to get this job with such good pay. My world basically crumbled.

So now I had no job lined up and no apartment. We were able to continue living with our friend out in Modesto (Hannah, you literally saved me life!) and we're actually still living there for now. Unfortunately its not a sustainable solution though. So what to do?

Well we did some soul searching to figure out what really mattered to us and what we need to do now. Ultimately our goals are to make it as a film maker and an artist respectively. We knew that making those dreams come true would require us to devote all our energy towards them.... Well here we are with no other obligations, all the time and energy in the world. All we need is a place to live. Turns out Kris has a family member that lives in the East Bay and has extra room for us! So a new plan formed: live with this family member and devote all our time and resources towards making our dreams come true. We've given ourselves about a year to see how far we can get towards that goal.

Its a terrifying plan- especially right now! We don't have much money coming our way right now, so its crunch time! The pressure of making things happen is pushing us hard to make things work, but right now its still unclear whether or not we can make do it... Its terrifying and stressful, but I'm really hoping it will pay off.

So now here's your chance to follow us on our next adventure out here in the bay area! Wish us luck.

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