Saturday, September 16, 2017


Got a rejection letter from the company I recently interviewed at. Getting a lot of those lately. Its enough to give a girl some serious issues. I know I'm taking it really personally and I know thats stupid... but god damn its starting to feel like I'm unemployable. I mean I get every single job I really went after before getting my degree and going to Japan... how am I less employable now?? I don't get it. Kris says I'm overqualified but I honestly don't believe thats a thing.

At least I did secure one job though and I'm trying to focus on the positivity there. Its part time, its minimum wage, it involves children, and maybe it'll me amazing. At least it'll give me time to work on art still, so maybe that dream isn't entirely dead.

The only thing that's helping me not get too down is telling myself that this is all temporary. Its TEMPORARY. I will not be unemployable forever- eventually jobs will come. We won't live in one bedroom in the basement forever- we will get our own space where we can actually cook food. One day people will actually pay me for some art. This is all totally possible. A lot can change in a year.

I know this blog has become a but of a pity party, but I just wanted to thank anyone thats actually still reading. Writing here has been a great outlet for all this shit I really don't wanna cry about in front of actual people. And I dearly hope you all are getting at least some kind of frickin entertainment out of this! If you're not appreciating this schadenfreude crap then you're making a mistake, friend.


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