Saturday, September 5, 2015

Birthday Saturday

Monday is my birthday but we're going to be celebrating it all weekend!

Today we went slept in late and got a slow start to the day. We did some casual shopping and walking around, had some onigiri for a lunch snack. Then we headed back to Minamiosawa and went to Meatrea for dinner.

Meatrea is basically a food court with about 7 little casual restaurants in it. It looks like they were trying to go for a Mexican village theme, but all the food is Japanese. Sometimes they play Mexican music, then other times its Japanese or American pop music. Its cute and convenient though.

Today we went to Gold Rush in Meatrea. This place has hamburg (basically a hamburger patty with sauce or something on top) and it comes on a hot skillet-type plate with a (tiny) baked potato and some random corn and peas. Kris got the "Cowboy" which has "bacon" (more like ham) and gravy. I got the garlic hamburg which was SUPER garlicky. When they bring the skillet-plate to your table you have to hold up your napkin as a screen because they poor your sauce/gravy strait onto the hot plate and it sizzles and sputters frickin everywhere.

Anyways, it wasnt quite as amazing as I wanted it to be- I think I was hoping more for meatloaf. Not bad though! Then we got the Baskin & Robbins party pack- 6 scoops of different flavors. Now we're watching Pitch Perfect 2! Its been a pretty relaxing day today. But I think tomorrow might be even better.....

K + K

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  1. Happy early bday!! It is cool reading about your time in Japan so far. Seems like each day gets a little better and hopefully a little easier in adjusting. Have fun exploring! =)


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