Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Our Kitchen

So far Kris and I have hardly touched our kitchen.

It has a smell.

At first we thought it had to do with the pipes under the sink. We have now had a plumber come 3 times to attempt to fix the problem and nothing has worked.

After plumber #2 we went to open the cabinets under the sink and a large (almost 3 inches long)(ok so maybe 2 inches) cockroach crawled out. It ran under the cabinets and slipped away through a crack.

I believe what we have is a cockroach infestation.

Tonight I went to do the dishes and another equally large cockroach crawled out of the catch in the sink. Nearly jumped on my hand!!! Kris came and smashed it. IT was still ALIVE.

Anyways, the people at Interac have been coordinating the plumbers so I informed them that we need an exterminator.

I like everything about this apartment except that kitchen frickin cabinet.


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