Friday, September 4, 2015

Last day of the first week!

OMG I was late today. Well, technically I was "on time" but since I wasn't early that basically means I was late. I feel frickin horrible. A late day doesn't just affect me- it can negatively affect all Hachioji ALTs by causing teacher's to just saw "those Interac ALTs are always late" yadda yadda.

I wasn't going to be late when I set out for my 45 minute commute by bus. But my last bus drove right by the stop in front of the school! Then I had to literally run back up a steep hill to make it in before they closed the school gates. So then I show up in the teachers room sweaty and flustered and of course the principal and vice principal are right there. UGH! Well important lesson learned: Have a bigger time cushion.

God, times like this really make me feel like maybe I'm not cut out for this.

* * *
2 hours later

Two classes down, both with one of the teachers that doesnt speak much English. So for two classes I basically stood/walked around smiling but thats about it. I'm definitely more comfortable though. My feet are already killing me. I think thats mostly from standing and walking around literally all day for the last week- tonight I'm going home after work and resting! And its FRIDAY! Yess!

* * *
1 hour later

Ok, ten minutes until my last class of the day with a teacher I haven't yet worked with. I'll be doing more of the same. And it looks like for my last period theres a school assembly to go to. Sucks that it'll be in the gym (no AC) and I can't take off my suit jacket cuz my dress is sleeveless, which is not ok. Ugh.

* * *
Later that night

So today was not half bad. I started to really feel comfortable and have fun in class. The assembly was hot and boring! The student counsel was being replaced by the new student counsel and all 16 kids had to give a speech. Anyways, after that I tried to give out some omiyage... but I think there might have been a teacher that I didn't have a gift for since I had never heard of him before today... man I really hope that's not the case. Anywayyss...

No trouble getting home this time. Took a small nap after getting home too. Took the nap on the futon on the ground, which is basically our couch now. Maybe I've just gotten used to the hard bed or maybe I'm just that tired. I never would have been able to sleep on that before. Then after that I called some company and got our internet hooked up! We have internet in the house! The fiber optic cable was installed while Kris was home this morning. 

Then we had to wait for a plumber to come out again. The cabinet under our kitchen sink smells really bad and we don't know why. We really dont even want to cook or use those cabinets until we get this sorted out, its pretty nasty. So the plumber came after 8:30 and stayed until after 9, so for dinner we just ran down to the local Family Mart and got our favorite conbini dinner:

Curry and croquette! For some reason we cant get enough- especially Kris. He's probably had like 2 croquettes a day since we've lived here. And now we're watching The Other Guys. Things are starting to feel like home.


After the plumber left we opened the cabinets to let it air out and... a cockroach crawled out. AHHHHH omg.... so we're pretty freaked about that. That stupid kitchen cabinet is the only part of this apartment I can't take!!!!!

Other than that, though, our problems are started to be sorted out. Finally. 


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