Friday, September 4, 2015

Catch up: September 3rd

So yesterday was a mix of good and bad.

Good because I didn't have to teach a class or do anything too difficult or scary at school. Bad because it was hot as hell and I had no water, a cruddy bento, and I wore a full suit all day (which, as I understand, is expected for at least the first day to make a good impression). I think I got dehydrated and wasn't using my full brain, cuz after work on the way home I couldn't find the right bus stop and I kept waiting at the wrong stop or on the wrong train platform and I missed multiple buses/trains! Today has been the hottest in a while- 90° F with 70% humidity. Today, though, I'm wearing a skirt (pencil skirt) so hopefully that'll keep me cooler.

And today I have an actual bento box. Yesterday I got such crazy looks at my store-bought frickin salad! So today I shoved my store-bought lunch into my new bento box, haha! Still don't have a water bottle, oops. But today isnt so hot as yesterday.

I start class in 10 minutes and I'll basically be going straight through to 3:30.

* * *
4 hours later

Ok, today's lunch went way better. And my lunch was so frickin good! And now I have two more classes to go, almost done. It feels like time goes by faster than I expect. I'm not necessarily enjoying it yet- still not comfortable- but I'm not dreading it either, so thats good.

Dang, I wish I had something to drink.

I have my next class with my favorite teacher here- shes funny, nice, and speaks lots of English in the class which makes her students speak more English. Then I have a class with another teacher that speaks mostly Japanese in the classroom which means her kids are reluctant to speak any English and if they have their hand up for help and I go over there they get scared and go  "no! no!" and wait until the teacher comes around.

The skirt is totally helping keep me cool though.


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