Wednesday, September 16, 2015


The school in working at this week just wanted me to do the whole class as my self introduction. Super boring. So I have lots of prep periods with nothing to prep. I've just been reading Harry Potter a lot. I'm on Half Blood Prince now. 

We got our microwave yesterday! I really like it! It has a heat coil in it like a toaster oven so it can act as a toaster, a microwave, and an oven. We can make a cake in it or heat up fried foods without them getting soggy. 

Next weekend I have a five day weekend, can't wait! It's silver week- so basically the next Monday is a holiday and Wednesday is a holiday so they give you the Tuesday in-between too. Kris and I are trying to plan something fun but not expensive.

Alright, I don't have much else to say for now. Haven't been doing anything interesting yet. Yesterday after school I got home and Kris and I went to too the grocery store to grab a few more things- tonight we're making salmon. We are also going to re-pot our aloe plant! But that's really the most exciting thing we're doing during the week. Every night we have dinner and then an ice cream treat- usually a waffle one. They have a crunchy pastry outer shell and ice cream on the inside, sometimes with an inner chocolate shell too. We've tried vanilla, azuki and chocolate and I love all of them, were totally addicted. If we could send something back to the US this would be it. OK, morning meeting is going on at school, my first class starts in 15 minutes.


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